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  1. History

  2. Character

  3. Bloodlines

  4. Breeding

  5. Selection

  6. Price

  7. Issues

  8. Epilogue


                     1. History


The American Bully is breed since the early 90`s in the USA.

This was primarily highlighting of calm, even temperament and a standard typical strong charisma. This was originally achieved by strong selection of American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier.


                2. Character

By nature, the current American Bully differs in its acknowledged varieties - Pocket - Standard - Extreme - XL and XXL significantly from Stafford and Pitbulls.

If the American Bully grows in a dog typical social environment (which unfortunately is often not the case!), he is far more than other breeds to us people affected. He wants to be cuddled and petted favorite all day, of course, preferably on the couch. Come one adds to children, we adults have nothing more to report!

The American Bully is therefore the perfect family dog.

Every visitor is invariably welcomes 100% full of joy, the latest clothing is often not exactly appropriate here .....

Nevertheless, the American Bully has a very strong character but, don`t get blinded by his calmness, we please never forget that we are keeping a very strong breed which always needs a resolute leadership!

When you go on outside walks the American Bully mostly ignores other dogs. He is sovereign and balanced and that makes him an agreeable partner.

All of our American Bully females are active and sporty, the heavyweights among males due to less natural.

The females are really good guard dogs for home and yard. Normaly the male is bringing all things the thief has stolen to his car if not a female has shown him how to guard.


           3. Bloodlines

By searching on real American Bullys, you will often find well known bloodlines like High Caliber Sunline, RGB, Dax, Remyline, Razors Edge, Gottyline and many more. As well as guys with 2 ore 3 dogs think they created their own.

As a rule, a bloodline is based on a particularly good for the dog breeders of its quality and properties always consistently good inherited. And therein lies the art!

Even if a good breeder breeding objectives pursued by strong selection, he will always come back to the origin while the mass of certainly very good dogs in the breed again and again produce a wide variety of puppys.

The other way, without a blood line, followes in the correct breeding always a target. Therefore is often used "fresh blood" from other Kennels to achieve its own goal, whether health is paramount, size, width etc ...

Meanwhile you read in the search for your future companions might often an endless list of "famous" American Bullys in the pedigree. As a rule, the quality of genetics gets lost from the 3rd generation.

If it is, then 8 x Dax bla bla bla, well, theoretically I could be related with the Emperor of China to 1800n.Ch., slit eyes I have not yet.

So for those who value the ancestors, should focus on parents and grandparents to know what the puppies will become.


                  4. Breeding

Here fore it must be said, real breeding requires a lot of time, work and money.

We spend the whole day from early morning until late at night trying to make our Bullys happy and I wish that this would be the rule, but it is not! The prices for American Bullys have really driven every idiot on the road. Fast times buy 2 Bullys, the rest goes by itself and then `s big money. I'll come back later on that point cause this is definitly different.

In fact, females of the highest quality are building the basis for successful breeding and have its price. Most people only watch on the big males, but if you breed the best male on planet to a "bad" female you`ll not get the quality you`re looking for!, this is all too often overlooked.

Therefore, the number of really large and good exemplares is limited and can not be reached by feeding tons of raw meat. Quality is in the blood and by using best of the best you will get your results!

To be full grown it normaly takes full three years. First grow height and length and later follow head and body.

It should also be observed in any case, the feeding of the puppies should never includes too much high protein (meat). In good dry food is plentiful, the fat feeding of puppies with lots of meat to bring as much as possible on the scale often causes an irregular amount of Calzium. In that case it could end in a difference of the bone growth and therefore to a deterioration and shortening of the life quality.

We have even paid a lot of dues and want you to not get the same experience!

In addition, everybody who had a litter of puppies know what I mean, you also spend night after night, watching all few minutes if everything is o.k., the veterinarian must be prepared if anything goes wrong and especially for very large breeds with these skulls irregularities are not uncommon at birth.

Then many breeders use artificial insemination or even with frozen sperm, the bandwidth is large and this all not works for itself!

Pursues the breeder also a breeding goal, it usually requires more than just 3, 4 dogs. And not all puppies leave the court at 8 weeks, and they must be cared for and socialized more frequently for some time. Then the best puppys for subsequent generations are held back and you've come to quite a number of American Bullys. Then we got the separation of real and good breeders and all others who only talk - but don`t do!

Not to forget the monthly cost of food and veterinarian.

Conclusion: Of course breeding is a hobby and with 2-3 dogs in a small frame this will be no big deal.

But to go for, in my understanding, "real" breeding, it takes much more so think of it first!, and keep your eyes open in buying a pupp!


                    5. Selection

If you are new to the subject, you will always find 1st pick, 2nd pick and so on. Why?

Now, because especially in the American Bully breed more than else value is placed on selective quality. The breeder will always keep back puppys from very good pairings. The selection comes from a number of different criterias such as size, height, length, head size and shape, skin excess, dentition, stand, etc.

As later the selection is made, as more success you`ll get on it.

Without this strict selection, we would not have so many great American Bullys today.


                    6. Prices

If you look around, it is probably like an impenetrable jungle.                                                                                                                                                                       Why are these so expensive, why others not?

Well, at first on the serious side you can say, quality ALWAYS has a price, so far so good.

There are quite a few famous American Bullys out there with high prices ore stud fees. How do I know who actually now are these famous bullys? Why do I stumble always over their names at so many different breeders and how to know the value?

Well, that`s not really easy to explain. The prices in the US range from $ 800.- to $ 20.000, and this margin is something! Think we don`t need to talk about prices from $ 800.- / $ 1.000, we all know what to expect on that . Prices from $ 10.000 - 20.000 usually require only the best known or most fashionable breeder, if you want to go on those, you know what you get.

Only the area in between is difficult to understand. I can only recommend if you found a kennel wich you like, ask all inmportant questions and then decide whether you like the puppy for that price or not.

If you look around you will find everywhere the biggest, the best and the cleanest Bullys, everyone has the best wich is definitly bullshit. Look at the females too !!!, and do not believe EVERYTHING you read !!!

Then you will always find reserved puppies and the payments are not be refundebel but transferable to another litter. This is simply normal, good pairings are announced in advance and lead to the demand and reservations. So for example if a 2nd pick male is reserved, it could not be offered somewhere else, should be easy to understand that in this case you can not get your payment back right?

             7. Issues

Let's look at XL and XXL American Bullys, they are real heavyweight dogs, body and bones just have to wear a lot.

Because of that the feeding is so important and "fat feeding" even unhealthy.

We don`t have typical issues on our American Bully Pitbulls, but a lot backyard faulty dogs out there, this always needs to be seperated!

Also, especially in the first year of life too much sports, uphill or downhill is not good for their bones.

It should be logical that our American Bully is not made to run beside a bike.


                8. Epilogue

I honestly do not know why so far no one (to my knowledge) has integrated this category on a website. So many new American Bully friends are out there and need informations.

I hope this description will help you to maybe find your dream American Bully.

If you have further questions, just send me a message i will answere it as soon as possible and please be patient if it takes a while because our American Bullies are ALWAYS #1.

Missing something? Please let me know!









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